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"Between thought and expression lies a lifetime"

     This is an effort to register and endure the information and ideas that are considered quite unique and fascinating. Our writing has a strong association with cultural and regional inferences which we refer to from our day today lives.  Focusing on our regional and cultural background helps us to learn a lot and keeps us moving forward. In the current scenario, each and every incident or activity has traces or references from the past. 

     This blog is an expression of our thoughts. The world we live in is losing its identity or we would say in the process of adapting to changes we ignore the cultural and moral values.           

     These values strengthen the character and contribute to a healthy attitude in an individual and a community. Sharing thoughts from a personal perspective about a subject may or may not be a whole new idea for the readers. But sharing the ideas in one place will definitely give immense pleasure for us and it may inspire many to observe and share their perspectives in this and different other forums.


" In a GENTLE way, you can SHAKE the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

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