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5th Feb - 5th March 2022

After a long break, a full-fledged 5 weeks workshop was conducted for kids between the age group 10-14. This time it was an online interactive workshop. Viyam teamed up with SoCAL Knights and catered to their requirement and customized this workshop.

The intent of the workshop is to guide and give an insight into their day-to-day habits and their impact on their Long & Short term Goals.

The workshop was scheduled between 5th Feb 2022 – 5th March 2022.  Weekend classes were conducted for 5 weeks. Each week had a designed module with activities scheduled for the week. Introduction about Habits, their impact on day-today activities were discussed with the kids using interesting mediated images.

Quiz, drawing, stories were a part of the sessions which made the process easier. Each week ended up with an activity, be it filling a HABIT SCORE CARD, taking up a PERSONALITY TEST, practicing simple physical exercises for mental and physical well-being.


To make the process more interesting significance of habits was done through narrating and writing stories which helped the kids to explore their creative skill as well. Each week the kids came up with lots of questions, suggestions, feedback which made the sessions interesting.

On the concluding day, the summary about the performance of each kids were discussed. Also we had feedback from few kids who expressed their view with lot of excitement.  Though developing or encouraging the kids to practice a habit seems to be a simple exercise, we strongly believe that support and participation from parents’ plays a vital role.

We as a team have learned and understood different perspective of the kids through the session and working for more different options in the upcoming months.

We would like to extend our thanks for all your support.

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