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Narrate or Share a short story or a part of a big story that you have read suitable for the theme

‘A New Beginning’

09thJan 2021  

10.00 AM -11.00 AM

*Please do share the book name and author chosen for your narration during your presentation


In this Year 2021, as a ‘Beginning’, the first session of ‘PAGIR’ was initiated. This can be named as yet another storytelling session or it can be sharing views and ideas of a few stories.

Today’s session started with a small introduction about the format of this section 'PAGIR'. We had 3 interesting stories review. Prasanna a 13-year-old boy presented a review of the story

‘MAHASHWETA’ by Sudha Murty.

This is a story about a lady Anupama, who was suffering from leukoderma. He expressed the challenges she faced, how she overcame them and marched towards a new beginning.

Following Prasanna, it was Nithin studying in III grade who narrated an interesting story

‘MAGIC TREE HOUSE’ – which is from a book series by  Mary Pope Osborne. This kid could narrate the fantasy story with Dinosaurs with a lot of enthusiasm which had Jack and Annie as the lead characters. We could imagine colorful scenes and incidents intertwined around an OAK tree.

Finally, we ended the session with a story review by Anitha. Her summary was about the book

‘KRISHNAMANDIRAM’ – by Balakumaran.

This is a series of incidents that seasoned a 51-year-old lady named Varalakshmi. The entire story was woven over interesting incidents, gossips, and stories that happen in the old age home Krishna Mandiram and how it paved way for Varalakshimi's new beginning.

With this, we come to the end of the January 2021 session. Thanks for all your support. Meet you soon.





Following the first session of ‘Pagir’,  as Pongal special, the next session of pagir in the name of ‘ETHIROLI’ was conducted on 16th Jan 2021.

The session started with an introduction by Skanth about the intent of Pagir. Today the format was marginally different from the earlier session. The story narration was followed by a small interesting QUIZ for the kids to observe and respond back.

The narration was from the book GRANDMA’S BAG OF STORIES by Sudha Murthy. The title of the story is THE PRINCESS’S NEW CLOTHES. Anitha narrated the story engaging all the kids’ and their attention on the story. The kids were glued to the story from the starting till the ending. Saravana Vasan was keen on observing the story and answered the quiz questions enthusiastically. Kavin, Nithin, and Prasanna gave one-liner feedback about the story from their own perspective which was quite impressive.

Though it was a positive start the frequency of ‘EHTIROLI’ was nominal. We strongly believe the good intention behind ‘PAGIR’ will amplify the responses in the future and we as a team are looking forward to more interesting and informative sessions in the upcoming months with your support and participation.

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