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A Promise - A Commitment - The word by itself seems to be very firm and rigid. It also looks like an act or a proposal that is guided, dictated by one or many individuals, an organization, or an institution. Being committed brings a sort of alarming magnitude to the word.

There is a thin line between ‘commitment’ and ‘devotion’ which is not seen or felt by many….. While comprehending various perspectives of commitment I would like to associate the term with ‘Dedication’ or ‘Devotion’ or ‘Passion’. With the diverse views about commitment, it can also be related to:

  • A ‘voluntary’ action which can never ever be forced

  • An ‘action’ emerging out of a lot of love and affection

  • An act which comes out of true ‘passion’

  • An expression out of ‘self-interest’


A promise made to SELF, PARENTS, FRIENDS or COLLEAGUE – ‘commitment’


Having quoted a few words and its interpretation about commitment let’s try to understand a completely unique promise made by individuals in different fields. Through the promise, they made to SELF and to the SOCIETY they are disseminating positive vibes in the society.

The Indian education system is unique and is gauged by grades and marks. Each and every parent's dream in India is to provide GOOD education to their children and help them secure a seat in the highest-ranked MEDICAL College or a seat in any one of the IIT campuses in India. Without any apprehension, we need talented Doctors, Engineers, other professionals, and many specialists in varied fields for the advancement of our society. But most importantly we need courteous, dedicated, committed ‘HUMANS’ for the betterment of our society.

Three individuals who have followed their hearts gave their commitment to society, especially to the children of the society. Their ‘relationship’ with children is beautiful and unique. Among many others, they are individuals who quit their hard-earned degree from recognized IITs to follow their passion with a lot of ‘dedication’.

Bipin Dhane – who completed M.Tech – Naval Architecture from IIT – Kharagpur founder of Ayang Trust, settled in Majuli, Assam. He works as a teacher with underprivileged tribal children and helping them to dream bigger.

Subid Ahimsa – who completed M.Tech in Industrial and Product Design from IIT Delhi works with children and teaches them how to make simple sustainable toys from waste materials.

Umapathy - a government school teacher in Pudhuchery has used art from waste as a medium to spread awareness about sustainable practices and wise usage of waste materials.

In spite of earning a degree from a reputed institution, Subid and Bipin took a different path and shared their experience with children with a lot of commitment. Here we could see ‘passion’, ‘dedication’, and commitment are nothing but one and the same.

Umapathy with a master’s degree in Fine arts from Kumbakonam, stood strong in front of others with his simple motto – ‘my skills need to be shared’ to more students and teachers. It’s through these individuals Subid, Umapathy our conventional practices of simple carpentry techniques and wooden toys are being revived at regular intervals.

As a human, we do a lot of things which interests us,

let’s be committed too…..

Actions based on personal INTEREST will depend on our convenience; consequently, activities and actions with COMMITMENT will create an impact and bring in a remarkable CHANGE.

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