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Time is irreversible

Time waits for none

Lost time is never found again

Time is money


No the first article is not repeated again. What if the above statements can be modified and manipulated according to our convenience.

Is that possible??? Yes, it is…….MOVIES the magical world where anything and everything will happen. Movie making is amusing at the same time a very complicated field. Some allege that movies influence our lifestyle, whereas few others cite that movies are expressions of real-life stories. The genre of MOVIES varies from Action, Horror, Fiction, Drama, Romance, and Comedy so on. In spite of the genre, many directors have handled ‘TIME’ and its essence in an amusing way.

It can be either a story that revolves around TIME or a movie that happens at two different time frames, or which portrays many different time frames. The beauty of each movie about ‘TIME PERIOD’, ‘TIME TRAVEL’, ‘PAST AND PRESENT’, everything has its own flavor which is unique.

Be it ‘Interstellar’ for its futuristic storyline……..

‘Tenet’ for the agents' Time travel……..

‘Inception’ for its distinct dimension about human dreams and time……..

‘24’ Tamil movie which speaks about time travel gadget and its impact…..

‘In Time’ which portrays an interesting combo of Time equated to Money……..

‘Indru Netru Nalai’ which narrates about a time machine and how the characters in the film meddle with time…………

Though we have a huge list of movies that talk about ‘TIME’ and its various dimensions some interesting Tamil movies also stand for their singleness. Certain movies stand out from the crowd for the way the plot is perceived and portrayed.

‘Alaipayuthey’ apart from the sensational romantic plot the way PAST and PRESENT projected was contemporary during 2000………..

‘Madarasa Pattinam’, ‘Paradesi’, ‘Kaviya Thalaivan’,’ Bahubali’, ‘Mundasupati’ and many more are known for the period movie and the way they are detailed out…………

Similarly in Hindi, ‘Devdas’, ‘Laagan’, ‘Jodha Akbar’, and many others are known for the rich detailing which stands out in time and creativity.................

Irrespective of the story, screenplay, narration, etc. many movies speak for the 'Time' and 'eternity'.

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