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AN ENDLESS CONVERSATION.......................

When Silence meets the soul of a human a miracle happens there. This is a rare experience and each one of us might have come across this in a different manner at different stages of our life.

For a HOMEMAKER, Silence may be having a cup of tea/coffee in solitude before everyone wakes up in the morning and asks for coffee/tea.

The same question faced by a middle-aged MARRIED MAN may come up with an answer as, a day without any expectation, without any questions, without any do’s and don’ts, relaxed from his duties.......that would be silence for him.

For a TEENAGER Silence may be equated to a day without regular classes….and a whole lot of time they get to sleep without any disturbance.

Though the same word is interpreted in many ways the context remains the same. We would like to interpret SILENCE as an interesting CONVERSATION. It's an interaction between odd ideas and instances where the action disappears and the essence has a long-lasting impact. We can simply end these deliberations with a definition of Silence as ‘absence of noise’ but perception varies and the list is lengthy. ..........

  • Playful sky after a drizzle............

  • Beautiful thoughts after a frigid confusion in our mind…..

  • The moment the sea waves touch your feet and go back….

  • Smile of a baby when it is fast asleep…..

  • School corridors during the exams….

  • Meeting your close friend after many years and searching for words to start a conversation..........

  • Lying down in the bed after a long tiring day….

  • Sitting next to an old friend after a misunderstanding without uttering a single word…..

  • Sitting in stillness and trying to practice meditation….

  • The dhadak dhadak sound of a train at the midnight with a chill breeze dashing on our face…..

  • Droplets sound after a heavy downpour….

  • ·That quiet moment between partners after disagreeing on a statement…..

Moments of Silence …Moments to Experience….. Moments to learn……above all

Moments to Cherish…..

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