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In today’s context ‘Social Work’, ‘Serving People’, ‘Reviving the lost tradition’, ‘Conserving or safeguarding our culture’ have become the statement of the day for many youngsters


What’s wrong with it?

What’s wrong with thinking about our society, culture, and values?

Isn’t a good sign of helping the needy?

Isn't it a good initiative to work for a cause?

Shouldn't we appreciate the act of being socially responsible?


Yes, I totally agree. It’s a positive and good sign If youngsters take up the responsibility and come forward to contribute towards the advancement of the society. I feel really happy for those young minds that join together and stand united for a cause and take their goals forward. Though these kinds of activities and actions were happening for some decades, I strongly believe that the intention of this ‘social work’ and sensitivity towards the society has gained force after the ‘Jallikattu’ protest and the ‘2015 flood’ in Chennai. When I talk about this we should also remember there are so many other protests and representations happening in other parts of the country too…..

YES, it is. We have so many organizations, many groups working on various activities like conducting awareness programs, donation camps, education programs, etc. While engaging and experiencing the above let’s try to answer the following two questions:

· Do you really have the desire to help or render your service for the needy?


· Do you want to do something just because your friends/relatives are engaged in it?

When you start thinking about those questions………I would like to remember and discuss the fact that A person's state of mind and actions are shaped by his personality and his basic desires. So if you really wish and are motivated by your inner self go for it. Introspect your inner self and decide. Stand on your own simple psychological platform whether you desire to do this……..

Will I get self-satisfaction in doing this…..?

Will my inner energy be fully manifested in this process……….?


f you get a big YES for the above statements then you are ready to go……

This sense of 'doing' is not because of your clan, educational qualification, or your family background, this is just because of the conscious desire that you would like to get engaged in the act. When a person concentrates and decides with his own conscious there won’t be any directional glitches for his act. He will be guided and leads by his own self.

Any service you do…be it planting a sapling, collecting and donating for the needy, helping the old and destitute, feeding hungry street kids….working or taking small steps in reducing the usage of plastics…….Whatever you do, Do it with lots of positive energy which evolves from your own self and not for the sake of keeping yourself occupied or gaining attention amongst the crowd.

We need to understand that we cannot live another person’s life, fight another person’s war, develop a business that is not our field of interest, and take up a profession that doesn’t satisfy a little bit of our passion.

Imagine being human we have the biggest advantage of doing things CONSCIOUSLY……… let's realize and make use of it.

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