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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Completing one year with this October seems to be an accomplishment……but is it really worth commemorating? It can be counted as a milestone in ‘Viyam’s’ blog but the goals to be achieved draft is extensive. Starting with a simple motto by a few like-minded individuals this blog has always been a medium to express many thoughts and ideas widely prevailing around and amongst us. The intention of this blog was to create an impact on our day-to-day activities. This is used as a medium to express and share our views about various topics, events, and incidents which is common and known to many of us. Thereby we get 5 to 7 minutes to glance at the content and recollect our memories related to the subject written. In the process, we end up thinking about the topic for a few days for further exploration. This might bring a small change in our approach towards life and their day-to-day activities at least for a micro-millisecond. And for that instance, we strongly believe in “big changes start with small actions”……

In the process of coming up with new topics every month, we were introspecting ourselves and the situations around us. The theme selection was not a mere reflection of the blogger's pick. It had an impact on the circumstances, events that happened around, the specialty of the month for which the theme was selected, and many more. Hence apart from the blogger's choice, the selection of a theme to write about had a great external influence.

Acknowledging the completion of one year, as a token of appreciation for ourselves and for our friends/readers/followers who have supported us the theme suggested for this month is gratitude. Paying gratitude or being thankful strengthens the bond and nurtures the relationship. The list of individuals and various incidents that happened in our life to be thankful for maybe quite protracted. Nevertheless, start the process of sending a thank you note or an appreciation note whenever and wherever you find the time.

“big changes start with small actions”……

On this occasion of our First year's completion, we would like to express and share our gratitude to those who have made this entire world a positive and beautiful place to survive. When the dreadful pandemic was in full swing during Jan – Feb 2020 with quite a huge number of affected persons, with the death toll really high, everyone was skeptical about what next?.... As individuals and as a family across the world many lost their near and dear ones, many went through the traumatic phase of being affected and recovery was strenuous. Going through this tough phase for more than 15 months now, there is one feeling which forces or motivates us to share our thanks to nature and its unpredictable power without which this moment is not possible to pen down our feelings.

Many of us survived against all odds. Many of our friends, relatives had struggled a lot due to various issues, starting from the financial crisis, job security, health issues, family, etc. Many of them have witnessed death yet survived after fighting with the pandemic. Yes, the loss for many is irreplaceable and massive. At the same for those who have survived should remember that it’s a gift, life has offered us. It’s because of that gift we are still breathing and continuing to do what we are capable of doing. Though there are some great setbacks due to the pandemic, with regard to the family, finance, job, and other glitches, etc…etc… we got a second chance to bounce back and create new opportunities, grab old ones and make it better to move on.

On this day we would like to mention that:

  • It’s never too late to work on our wishes and strive hard to make them happen

  • It's never too late to create and make use of opportunities……

  • It's never too late to try something new…

· Last but not least, It’s never too late to apologize, acknowledge and thank.

Let’s thank all our near and dear ones, thank all who have supported and stood with us in our ups & downs, all those who are good at heart and still look for opportunities to help the needy without any expectation in return….

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תגובה אחת

Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai
27 באוק׳ 2021

Congratulations on your anniversary with this great initiative...

Best wishes to all of you

........keep up...Cheers!!!

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