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Begin I Learn I Begin

"Wow, Patti the Mysurpa that you made is delicious….it’s just melting in our mouth….you are a master chef patti……"

"Amma nobody can catch up with your embroidery and interior decoration ideas. Your imagination and creativity are really commendable….."

"Appa the way you play badminton is phenomenal…..we have a lot to learn from you…."

We often hear such comments and compliments in many families for our parents, grandparents, and other close relatives.

But same patti, same Amma, Appa will be daunted when they seek help from the younger ones regarding how to use a smartphone, how to download an image from internet or discuss about the latest bike in the market etc……

Why????? What’s wrong? What happened to the compliments and appreciation they received earlier……

Skill development and art classes like dancing, swimming, acting, martial arts always target kids and young people. Looking deep into it, we get a question of why folks above the age of 35 attend any performing arts classes, go swimming, workout in a gym after a lot of hesitation and apprehension. The same person would have tried one or many activities when they were young. Then what’s stopping them now?

Learning a new skill keeps your mind and body engaged……..

If we come up with AGE or their CIRCUMSTANCES, then it’s not true and doesn’t suffice. The reason behind this is, none of us can stand criticism. At a young age when we learn to ride a bicycle, we often lose balance. But as a kid, we don’t mind when people around us praise or laugh at us. But upon encountering the same situation in middle age criticism bothers us a lot. This makes us forget the beautiful process of Learning and prevents us from enjoying the same.

Learning simple new things makes anyone happy and raises the energy levels irrespective of their age group. Drawing inspiration from a child who keeps trying new things consistently, without bothering about what’s happening around let’s begin to learn.

Without contemplating the consequence let’s open up and think about a new beginning.


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