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LOVE – One word which

- Gives us goosebumps

- Spreads smile across many faces

- Bring someone in tears

- Increases energy levels

- Makes someone’s heart skip a beat

And the list goes on………

To LOVE and to BE LOVED is a euphoric feeling. But Love doesn’t start and end with Infatuation, commitment, relationship, breakup, etc. It’s something beyond interpretation and can only be endured and enjoyed.

Over the years, LOVE is a word that is recognized and understood in multiple ways by different individuals. Irrespective of the situation and its interpretation, nobody can deny the fact that the word LOVE is MAGICAL. As outlined by many through various expressions and mediums it may be a word that defines purity, sweetness, pain, addiction selflessness, etc. Above all, it’s the TRUST that makes the word 'LOVE' so significant and memorable. Regardless of age, the spirit of love remains persistent when the bond is built upon faith.

Out of so many relationships in the world a BOY- GIRL relationship is so unique, that too when it comes with a TAG “Best Friends”. Yes, it is, because it leaves so many QUESTIONS unanswered. And principally the beauty lies in that UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, where the answer lies within the questions.

Have you ever watched when a small girl with chocolate approaches a boy or a small boy with a balloon approaches a girl, a magical moment happens? That innocent smile on their faces without any expectation and the way they acknowledge each other’s love is poetry. The twinkle in their eyes reflects nothing but selfless love and hope that he/she is the one who will provide me happiness. This first love is divine and pristine which is a heavenly phase in anyone’s life.

Being in love and being loved is so special…….

During teen beyond the adrenaline rush, it’s all about the comfort and cares each other provide. They make each other feel special. When a girl feels secured and elated and a boy feels appreciated and acknowledged the relationship becomes special beyond just being in love. Yes, many teenage relationships start with infatuation, love, attraction, but when it survives with the same thrill and special feeling, their understanding with trust plays an important role in the spirit of the relationship.

In a relationship woven by love, it doesn’t end up with marriage or in a breakup and move on category. It survives all odds. The love or so-called attraction might have changed its dimension, passed through different phases against or along with their passion, profession; married life, etc. yet remains personal and memorable. The love between a BOY and GIRL, many times has remained crucial and exceptional and many might not have ended up in a committed relationship. Still many healthy and trivial relationships continue with the drive of intimacy which is definitely not physical intimacy. Casual acquaintances that have been turned into a socially intimate relationship are staying back as best examples for love beyond the sexual or committed relationships.

Everyone deserves supportive unconditional love that motivates and nurtures you and your goals….

A mystery that remains unresolved to date is the relationship between a male and a female. It isn’t apparent when they are in love or they get married to each other. It all starts when they call themselves best friends. Best male friends or best female friends has a typical character whereas a male-female friendship is more complicated and has several twists and turns. At times the more complicated it is the more interesting and more beautiful it will be. The relationship doesn’t end with sharing, caring, and satisfying each other’s needs it’s much more and as always mysterious.

Though it may not be true for a few, the majority of you have a smile on your face and acknowledge this mysterious


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