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C H I L D R E N....They are a better teacher to us than anyone else in the world…

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

CHILDREN — if we pay close attention to children we can assert/see that they have a lot to say, and we have to learn a lot from them…

In our daily life as a mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, we try to annoy them at the house and schools, claiming that we help our kids to learn and gain knowledge.

They are a better teacher to us than anyone else in the world…

They remain happy forever without worrying about anything and everything — from which we learn — NOTHING IS PERMANENT IN THIS WORLD NOT EVEN OUR TROUBLES.

A cotton candy, a balloon, colored paper, small mud toys fulfill their wishes and could make them contented — this portrays CONTENTMENT, the biggest quality for a serene and happy life.

The same child who would cry and burst out if his fellow mate pushes him down will leave behind everything in 10 minutes and start playing with his friends — which demonstrates FORGET & FORGIVE

Children are the greatest blessing in anybody’s lifetime. Small kids entertain themselves and others and are always in bliss without waiting for situations and circumstances DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY BY SITUATIONS is the greatest take away from the above.

From exploring a toy to coloring a picture they engage themselves with utmost sincerity and commitment — take away — NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

If we try and do our work joyfully with a touch of our naive qualities that’s the best experience we could get. So wherever we go and whatever we do let's spot out the child within us and at times should listen to what it says.

In my opinion, children are the best teachers, tutors, friends, and guru around us. In our daily routine instead of saying to them what to do and what not to do, it will be good if we observe and pay attention to them occasionally. This will give answers to many unanswered questions that we come across in our day-to-day life.

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Sowndrapriya Muruganantham
Sowndrapriya Muruganantham
14 de nov. de 2020

On this diwali, my first comment for Viyam....nice topics , short and sweet.

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