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C O M M I T M E N T......................A PROMISE

Commitment, by the word, means making a promise to others or to self and keeping the promise.

Men from ages are meant for working and providing for the family. With that system, no questions asked men went to work outside and women did what they can at home, their primary job being taking care of the house (includes kids, cooking, cleaning, old parents, and everything in and around the house). This system was in agreement for a very long time and no questions asked.

I get good exposure through my job and I get paid for the same. Wow, amazing right? But the very next remark is since someone is paying me, the job becomes my primary duty and I am committed to the job. So, I start giving more attention and time to my job. And in turn, get my appreciation and praises when my tasks are completed successfully.

In Spite of all the commitments at home…..she could perform well in the office…..

With all the commitments she had in her office she Is the best ‘mom’ ……

Now, as a woman what happens to my primary duty - taking care of the household? That does not change, still remains the same and firm. The options I have maybe I get some help in the form of appointing a maid or meal delivery etc... But those are some minor adjustments I can make. But my commitment does not change. My commitment to raise my kids, take care of the family, my pet, etc doesn’t change. I may be tired after work, my brain is fried, my body does not cooperate, but I still have the duty to put the food on the table and provide clean clothes and a dust-free home. When I hit the bed, reality drives me tired and I become crazy........... but I have performed both my duties gladly.

Is it possible to be completely committed to your job and home?

Yes, it is still humanly possible to be committed to two major duties and juggle.

Both give pleasure, happiness, and peace.

It may be challenging at times, but that is what makes you, YOU.

Doesn’t stop...keep juggling……….

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