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Though we have come across many filmy dialogues as ‘Girl Children are blessing from God’, ‘Girls are Angels sent by God’…since childhood, there is a remarkable difference in bringing up a male and a female child. Irrespective of the differences WOMEN are always special. It may be because of the circumstances they come across, the way they are brought up, the opportunities they get / they are denied off, the supportive friend/family, life partner, understanding society, and evil-eyed or friendly neighbor, and the list go on. Nevertheless, they always aim higher and move on with their own ambition, career, family, and family responsibilities.

She is the one who is behind the success of the entire family. As a child, she brings a lot of happiness into the family. The cute little innocent smile of the baby girl becomes the sexiest curve which straightens many problems in day today’s life and solves petty issues in many families. As a school-going kid, the bond which is developed with her sweet little stories and songs fills the house with joy and happiness. We could always see a glow in the father’s eyes and a moment of pride in the mother’s smile when their daughter finishes narrating a story.

It’s true that many times she depends on her father/brother for her protection and safety during her teens but she becomes the mother of many Men when the situation arises. The moral support which she provides when her father or her family is down is irreplaceable. Though she chooses Prince Charm of her choice when she brings him seeking her parents’ permission, the glitter in her father’s eyes says it all.

Be it an educated or an illiterate wife she is the one who motivates her husband and encourages him in his ups and downs. We could make out the honor and pride of a husband who proudly stands by them, acknowledges and praise their women’s act. For a parent's daughters becoming independent running her own family becoming self-reliant, and when the education they provide them help her to achieve her goals which in turn fulfilling their parents’ wishes what else could they demand?

Passing through different stages/phases in her life a woman always strives really hard to carve a niche for herself.

Reaching heights in their career, setting up her future definitely marks the success of any woman. But for many, motherhood is a dream comes a true moment which any woman will agree with without a second thought. It’s a stage, a moment, a phase in any women’s life that makes her life complete. Though motherhood throws challenges in terms of career growth, financial obstacles, etc. it’s bliss. And as a mother, as a husband as a parent everyone looks forward to and relishes this phase.

Great persons in many fields have always given credit to a woman who is behind their success. Be it Demitri Mendeleev, Mihail Gorbachev, and many more personalities who have given their whole-hearted credits to their mother and wife for being solid support in their success story. It could be anyone MOTHER, SISTER, WIFE, FRIEND, DAUGHTER, NEIGHBOUR, there is always a woman who fights against all odds, who motivates, who inspires and stays throughout in any person’s life.

A woman has the capacity and capability to absorb or hide all the hardships she goes through and keep up the spirit really high and move on. She is not a sentimental fool rather she is an INSPIRATIONAL ICON. Anything that’s precious and priceless needs to be rejoiced, valued, safeguarded, and celebrated.

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