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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Travelling...... opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with amazing stories to tell. It has no age limit. The things we see and experience changes our perception of life. There is nothing great like visiting a new place and atmosphere. Travelling away from home to understand what home actually is what it is. For me, travelling is more fascinating than reaching the destination, like a Saturday night party not worrying when to wake up the next day, the assurance of fun and worry-free time.

Travelling can be of two types. One is travelling to a new place and travelling from a place to your home or city or village. Imagine going to your hometown after a very long time. Think of the nostalgic memory that flashes in front of you while travelling to your home town. This trip down the memory lane also is a very great feeling. “ye jo des hai mera” a song from “Swades” comes to mind. The song screams nostalgic memories of the protagonist who is missing his home.

.........TRAVELLING is more fascinating than reaching the DESTINATION.........

The second type of travelling is going to a new place. The level of excitement and curiosity before reaching the destination is copious. I would always choose a mode of travel that takes the longest time to reach the destination. A road trip with loud music, junk food, friends and beautiful scenery all around is just incredible! The anticipation eats us alive!

Coming out of the comfort bubble is really crucial in one’s life. Travelling solo contributes the most to this process. Around every corner lies excitement, exploration, and real culture, but only if the traveller can overcome the hurdles that come with travelling alone. It helps us discover our new self and also helps us find peace within.

So start travelling, go back to your home, explore new places, take risks and learn new things!

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