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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step -Lao Tzu

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


Starting one’s own independent firm or a business requires a lot of courage and experience. Great Entrepreneurs who have shared their life lessons have always fondly remembered their early stages of learning. They have spent their initial stages in understanding the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in various fields which is so predominant in medicine and architectural practice.

For a person in any creative field witnessing their ideas coming up live in front of their eyes is an amazing feeling. Getting an acknowledgment and appreciation for the same will add value to that wonderful feeling. Meeting different clients each day with unique requirements and expectations is a different project by itself which needs a lot of patience and presence of mind. For this reason, I always insist on my students to take up teaching as a profession after gaining a handful of professional experience. This undeniably pushes our energy level and confidence while we stand in front of the creative young minds.

Each and every profession makes us feel proud and optimistic if we think and understand the relationship between our SOCIETY, CULTURE, and ENVIRONMENT. The society comprises the people, Culture which acts as a reference for our existence, Environment in which we live and operate. Right from childhood, it’s always been interesting to learn about all of the above since we will always end up with loads of interesting information.

In the field of Architecture, we cannot think about designing a building or a group of buildings ignoring the above which will end up as a mundane design. Great Architects have always created designs in which 'people' play a pivotal role. ‘Values’ according to them was always creating a design which satisfies people's needs and reflects their lifestyle. It is for this reason ‘Vernacular Architecture’ always holds a special place in Architectural practice and discussion. Be it in Architecture or any other profession the world always remembers and acknowledges individuals who have worked and served the community.

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