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Here Comes the month of 'JANUARY'

Yet another year comes to an end…….

Last year was something unique and unforgettable that had created a huge impact across the world in a unified manner. Every Year, it’s a routine to discuss what has happened in the past months and bid Goodbye to the previous year, and get ready to receive the upcoming Year with lots of dreams and expectations. While bidding bye to the previous year each one of us has a mixed feeling about the year that passed by. Some recollect their interesting and memorable moments in their personal and professional life, whereas some may regret their disappointing and annoying moments that occurred in the year.

But this year, 2020 was something ‘DIFFERENT.’ While bidding ‘BYE’ almost everyone has the same feeling. An expectation for a better tomorrow, a promising prosperous year, a sign of relief from the prevailing pandemic situation, and most predominantly a happy and healthy living.

Commitment - the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

In this short span coming to the end of this YEAR – 2020, pondering upon many thoughts, ideas, stories, incidents to write upon, finally ended up with – ‘A Promise’ once again. The thought about commitment towards a family, commitment towards work and workplace, etc. have been already shared in this platform. Now after discussing the above, we tried to express our perspective about a commitment made for healthy living for self and for others too.

For a healthy and happy living, everyone knows that it’s about a balanced diet and various activities we engage in. Awareness about a balanced diet is necessary to eat healthily. In India ‘FOOD’ and ‘CULTURE’ plays a vital role in a family and it portrays the bonding within the family and the neighborhood.

With FOOD as the main focus, many Indian movies have portrayed it in an exquisite manner which expressed the love and importance of Food in a person’s life. These movies were an additional feast for Food Lovers. The expression, the way the dish is demonstrated in the movie, different artists who added an extra flavor to the character they played, made those movies and the experience about various dishes a memorable one. We have a variety of dishes for each and every festival and for each and every occasion in our family. In the process of celebrating and thanking for the good FOOD which many of us are blessed with, ……. We should think about the other sector that struggles for their day-to-day survival and finding it difficult to eat a single meal a day.

In continuation with the movies writing about Food and healthy living, I would like to go back and refer to the last year, 2020.’As mentioned earlier this year was tiring physically and psychologically. Many started cursing the year for the pandemic situation, the financial crisis they faced, job challenges, health, and many more. In the month of March, when the lockdown was announced, each and everyone had various plans and activities which were scheduled to spend their time inside four walls, without knowing the gravity of the lockdown and its repercussions.

From April till June many trials and errors in individual kitchens. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, and all other social media were flooded with images of new and old recipes tried and cooked by many maiden cooks. Teen girls preparing and posing with their Dulgona coffee, to a busy IT professional with self-cooked Biryani for his wife. Many old couples enjoyed their lunch with their son/daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law; grandchildren fascinated the social media. Work from home with cooking as their full-time hobby was the dialogue of many metro families.

On one side the crowd was partying and enjoying their family time by eating tasty and healthy food whereas on the other hand the migrant workers, daily wage, and salaried laborers suffered for a single meal a day. Many realized the importance of ‘FOOD’ during this lockdown.

The difference was ‘SOME’ kitchens were overloaded with ingredients for cooking... whereas ‘SOME’ kitchens were manipulating and managing with the very less or no ingredients available for cooking...

With the above note on this New Year, when everyone starts discussing the resolution for the year let's 'promise’ not to waste FOOD & WATER. Keeping in mind food for ‘HEALTH’, whereas for many it’s food for SURVIVAL, let’s COMMIT ourselves to take a small effort in whatever possible way not to waste FOOD & WATER. Need not look at social media and forwarded messages on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. If you find someone who is really starving, if you feel that you can bring in a sign of relief for someone by giving them a packet of biscuits, if you feel you will be more blessed through their prayers after having a single meal…Don’t hesitate…step forward and help them out. When we commit to a policy, it will help us streamline our activities and set our priorities. The guilt of preaching without practicing will make life miserable. Let’s start from our HOME, don’t waste FOOD & WATER …………………

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one”

– Mother Teresa

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