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With previous articles discussed travel, destination, company, purpose, exploration, knowledge sharing, and gaining travel by an NRI, visiting their home town is a sentimental experience. Apart from travel being classified as travel for fun and various other categories visiting hometown can be fun also.

This is to document the travel of NRI to their hometown. A hometown visit is a big deal with extreme planning. It happens once in a year or few years for most of them, Even though the travel would be after 6 months or more the planning creates so much excitement and that keeps the family going for the next few months until the day of travel. The vacation maybe for a few weeks only….but the planning of making it the most exciting and fulfilling everything to do in that few weeks is close to impossible.

Vacations are said to be relaxing and fun. But NRI visiting their home country is most exhausting. The NRI would want to visit every family and friend that he had missed for all these months/years. And not just families and friends, but also worship places. How to accommodate all these in the given time is equal to building a rocket. Although not everything goes as per the plan, at the end of the vacation, it will be such a relief to get back home.

Once back home, the next few months will be talking and thinking about the exhausting trip. It's still such a pleasure to think about the things that happened on the trip. These thoughts rejuvenate and boost the energy until the next visit. Keeping aside the negative thoughts from the trip, it's the good memories that make it interesting and happy to go back again soon to the home country.

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