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“…………….I got inspired by my father”

“…………….I always look up to my brother/sister who carries out things meticulously”

“……………My greatest inspiration is my 9th std Mathematics teacher

Inspiration …………….is an interesting word which plays an interesting role in everyone’s life…. The Student-Teacher relationship is unique and has been depicted in various movies in a fascinating manner.

Teachers and movies are the ones who inspire us the most. A student-teacher relationship is so pure. For me, a teacher is a strict best friend/ parent/ older sibling who loves us no matter what. Movies and teachers create a huge impact on one’s life. Films have showcased a lot of teacher/ guru characters can be remembered and be inspired by.

We have always hated one particular teacher in the beginning and also loved them the most at the end. We realize their value only after they leave us fully mended. This storyline sort of has been used in many films such as ‘Taare Zamin Par’, ‘Dangal’, ‘Karate Kid’ etc.

Tamil movies have also portrayed teachers in an inspiring manner. Naming a few ‘Vagai Sudava’, ‘Sattai’, ‘Nammavar’, have created an impact on both students as well as teachers.

’Taare Zamin par is a movie where Amir Khan, an art teacher helps a kid with learning disabilities. He is an inspiration. He never judges a student or anyone, he is patient, playful, and puts himself in other's situations. Ishaan, the lead of the story is a kid with dyslexia. Ishaan is criticized by his parents for his poor academic performance and is sent away to a boarding school. Ram (Aamir Khan) identifies his learning disability and helps him to overcome it. Ram always keeps the kid in him alive. I think it’s really necessary for a teacher to think and behave like their students when they are around them to get into their vibe. This really helps the teacher to understand the student’s way of thinking. Ram has this character in him and helps Ishaan overcome his problem. This movie really hits us as a kid, a teacher, and a parent. Taare Zameen Par shows how a teacher should be and shouldn’t be. This movie never fails to moist your eyes no matter how many times you watch it!

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”

- Malala Yousfzai

To the above would like to add ‘ONE MOVIE’ would also do…

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Aravind Krishna R
Aravind Krishna R
Nov 25, 2020

Perfectly said with perfect examples!


Bangtan Sweag
Bangtan Sweag
Nov 25, 2020



Nice representation....

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