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Jegathambal Annamalai...…..'Determination'

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


25-year-old pregnant woman.……………….

”I would always sense a trembling feeling whenever I go to the TEA SHOP and ask the shop keeper for ‘MONEY’

Shop keeper ………

”why you are in a hurry, wait for some time ….Don’t stand in front of the shop, move to the side…… will give you the ‘MONEY’

That was the constant reply from the owner of the shop………to the pregnant woman who used to stand in the dark with her 8-year-old son waiting for the money.

Kindly don’t perceive the situation for the pregnant woman who stood in front of the shop was expecting some monetary help from the shopkeeper. Instead, it’s the DUE he has to pay for the milk supplied by the woman on daily basis. The above incident was a daily routine of a 25-year-old woman with 4 children and was 8 months pregnant carrying her 5th child in her womb. She lost her husband and was in a position fighting for her survival and for her kids as well.

Keeping the above incident in mind when we revive memories or recollect various stories we heard from our grandmas we could sense and understand the very little exposure women had. They were restricted within four walls and their entire life was revolving around the kitchen, the well-being of the entire family, and household activities. But what if the entire setup is disturbed like the one narrated above..?

Jegathambal aatha (grandma in Tamil) who stood against all odds to survive and come up in life taught me ‘perseverance’ and ‘determination’ to rise above all difficulties. Raising 5 kids with dignity in society without a male support and a poor financial background is a challenging task. I could witness the ‘determination’ of a woman not to leave her self-esteem and create a niche, not for her but for her children’s in society.


In today’s scenario running in the race to cope up with the challenges, we forget to pause and think about some ‘individuals’ who are exceptional.

They are the ones who are simple yet the one who taught us life’s most interesting and important lessons in a simple way

Look around yourself for interesting individuals and interesting experiences ........

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