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Indian films were always based on different genres. Be it a Thriller, Action, Drama, Romance, Family, etc. One component that remained constant irrespective of the genre is “LOVE”, its essence, and its impact. Though the subject ‘Romance & Love; remains common, it becomes special, and any film becomes a high profile movie based on the storyline and director's touch.

Maniratnam being one of the most acclaimed directors in Indian Cinema is a known movie maker who portrayed social issues, relationships & its beauty in a simple and elegant manner. He is blessed with an innate quality, which is the way he illustrates human emotions on a big screen. His characterization and the actor, actress doing justice to the role will make them be a part of the movie. Nevertheless, his movies unfold around social issues, yet simple romance within those characters involved makes human relationships and their impact very special. Right from his first Tamil movie ‘Pagal Nilavu’ to the last movie ‘Chekka Chivandha Vaanam’ the way he projected romance is unique & special.

'MOUNA RAGAM' is a breakthrough and is being known for the peculiar love story which is evergreen to date without any second thought.

Unusual romance in 'NAYAKAN',

Sizzling romance in ‘AGNI NATCHATHIRAM',

Matured love & possessiveness between a middle-aged couple in 'ANJALI',

these are some movies where love was featured in an exclusive manner.

'ALAIPAYUDHEY' was not for its romance but to understand the aftereffect of love life ‘marriage’……

With a strong political & social background, 'IRUVAR & BOMBAY' had a recognized dose of romance & love which lingers in our mind…..

Known for his short signature dialogues Maniratnam has portrayed love in a gentle manner in 'RAAVANAN' which presented the real fragrance of love before us which would have become obscene if slightly mishandled.

Dedicated to the creative genius…..

I think for the first time a breakup scene was more sensational….'THALAPATHI'.

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