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a composite of male and female depicts the significance of the fact that precepts of male and female are inseparable. After expressing about identity and freedom, we get a concise answer for the question……

Who has to come forward to break the barrier?????

Ardhanarishvararar clearly states that an equal role should be played by a man and a woman in making various dreams come true.

When Woman is depicted as a weaker sex, a person who is still fighting for her freedom we could see, she is the ONE and the ONLY person who rises up and takes different frames when the situation demands.

Through this article, we would like to salute all those thousands of Women


  • Travel in public transport with lots of issues to run their family

  • Cleans the roads and collects garbage from door to door with small kids and babies with no proper dwelling/family to take care of their kids

  • Toil in shifts in knitting companies to educate their children

  • Slog in cracker and matchbox industries to feed their old parents and small kids

  • Are being exploited in tea estates for a meager amount

  • Work in rural schools and bring great changes in many students life

  • Carry heavy loads in many construction sites regardless of the various risks involved.

  • Run roadside food stalls and have to overcome many odd complicated situations on daily basis.

  • Learn to drive a two-wheeler after so much hesitation to drop their kids at school.

  • Cook in the kitchen without retirement starting from her parents, husband, children, grandchildren who knows at times it happens till her great-grandchildren too.

'Above all, Be the Heroine of your LIFE, not the VICTIM' -Nora Ephron

The above characters are many 'UNSUNG HEROINES' whom we all meet in our day-to-day life. They are the backbone of our family, the strength of our society above all the real fighters, let’s say not less than the real fighters............our soldiers in the borders. We talk about the above characters who work for the overall development of the family. Meanwhile, we should also understand that coming out of the family, getting acquainted with people, getting exposed to diverse situations will help to empower the woman as an individual as well.

Be it a man or a woman EDUCATION plays a vital role. Realizing the importance of education becomes the onset of empowerment and brings in a lot of change and positive vibration. With the sweet smile and kind heart let courage, education, and rational thinking pave way for the breakthrough of many WOMEN in varied fields.

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