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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Educational trips in schools and in colleges are an interesting incident during the entire tenure of their study. Those trips are organized in such a way that students move out of their comfort zone and learn about multifaceted people, place and their lifestyle.

To be precise some strongly believe that the place of visit plays a vital role in a trip, whereas many say and feel that the company with whom you travel is important. As mentioned in the previous article the question is between the ‘travel’ and the ‘destination’. Though it varies from person to person a school trip and a college trip enhances that ‘travel’ – company matters a lot irrespective of the place of visit (destination). Among the whole class which is a huge gang, we could still see and observe that birds of the same feather flock together, and sub gangs will be formed based on their interest and frequency.

On a school trip, students get a chance to come out of their secured, sophisticated home environment and be with their friends. For many, it’s the first time they spend some time away from their parents. Everything is an experience for them. Eating, sleeping, playing, talking, waiting almost everything they do is something new and gets a new dimension different from their routine. Everyone comes across a new activity which they have never done before when they were with their parents. Chatting with their favorite teacher in an informal way, discussing with their friends till late nights, waking up early morning for a walk, everything is all a whole new experience for each and every individual.

College trips are entirely different from school trips the reason being the adventure quotient is more in this trip when compared to the school trip. It gives us more interesting and thrilling stories to remember and cherish. As mentioned earlier this trip is meant for the travel (company). We come across students who travel on a mode of public transport for the first time. Staying in a dormitory with minimum facilities,…. eating in a roadside Dhaba, using public toilets, local rickshaw ride, tasting the street food, having tea at a local tea shop, sugarcane juice, etc. The list goes on. The above list and activities are surprising for many, interesting for others, but as a whole, it's an experience everyone has to come across in their lifetime.

more interesting and thrilling stories to remember and cherish...........

Making new friends, understanding old friends a bit more, socializing with people, gets accustomed to new situations, adapting to a new environment, coming across different cultures and their practice, etc.

This widens our perspective and helps us to experience different situations in different areas which helps us in preparing ourselves for the larger picture – ‘LIFE’

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