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My PET – My GURU - Compassion

Learning does not need a proper classroom set up or a certified teacher. An open mind and a receiving heart are all needed. Similarly, with an open mind, we need to look around for life’s fascinating lessons from not only human beings, but we could also learn from nature, plants, and animals anything and everything.

Let me introduce you to my pet RUDY, my 3 yrs old dog, from whom I learn COMPASSION You may ask, "of all the people, why a pet?” You must have heard this a million times, that dogs are loyal. They say pets are animal's best friends. Have you seen how compassionate the pets are with children? Have you seen kids with underdeveloped mental capability, clinging to pets for greater comfort and support?

From my personal experience, how much ever I yell, scream, give timeouts...Rudy will be the first "person" to come near me and distract me when she senses the sadness in me. Pets don’t carry baggage like humans with all the negative feelings and vengeance in them. Ahhh...just by the thought, I feel light, "no baggage"...let me try being like that. For what it’s worth, I’ll feel light, no loss in that.

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Nov 18, 2020

Completely a different perspective......about Guru......


How true!

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