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Can a Woman be equal to a man????
Does gender difference create a remarkable change in Society????
Femininity and its impact in this community!!!!

Why do we talk about equality when we don’t need it? Equality and freedom come into existence when supremacy and dominance exist between individuals. Though we have interesting theories, facts, and stories about the formation of our solar system and our Universe, living things, non-living things, etc. everything was equal in front of nature. If we believe in God and have come across Adam & Eve's story, according to the biblical story both of them together faced the consequences for their actions and it was not Eve who faced the punishment all alone. But things started changing when circumstances started taking different directions.

Later when one became strange (not strong) and dominant over the other, the scenario started changing. Over centuries we grew up hearing for equal rights and freedom for women where the discrimination was initiated by a woman herself.

  • She was the one who started believing when a man said ‘By all means, she is unequal to me’….

  • She was the one who tolerated the domestic violence and injustice woven around them

  • She was the one who couldn’t distinguish the handcuff worn by many men and the society in the name of feminine power and idolization.

A woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity - Mahatma Gandhi

When a child is born biased decision starts among family members. Except for the biological setup a child remains the same till the age of 2......... Till then they remain the same intellectually, hence due respect has to be given for their innocence. Freedom of conscience, be it a boy or a girl, reaction and response to varied situations, should be left according to the individual's choice irrespective of a male or a female child.

Freedom & Equality couldn’t be induced or borrowed from elsewhere. It should start from us, from within us. It varies from one woman to another

  • For some, it is drinking pure unpolluted water

  • For some, it is having a full meal a day

  • For some, it is clean living and sanitation condition

  • For many, it is having a clear & pain-free menstrual cycle

  • For some, it is going to school

  • For some, it is going to school in a rickshaw

  • For some, it is visiting her parents’ house during her vacation

  • For some, it is getting married to a young adult at the right age

  • For some, it is their ambitious dream come true

Though many of us are blessed with ‘MANY’ or ‘ALL’ of the above we still sob or talk about ‘EQUALITY’ in terms of

'WANT' oriented requirements rather than 'NEED'-oriented requirements.

Ignoring the physical difference, acknowledging and giving due respect to intellectual thought move towards a new beginning. Being a man or woman doesn’t become much important if the comparison or competition happens between their brains. Though physical strength has a role to play in our life it’s not the only precedent that determines what we become in life.

A woman can play ANY role with utmost sincerity and passion because of the inbuilt quality she has. Women are good at many things and let them try and do things which they are good at.

And when it comes to equality let's join hands and wish them, pray for those who deserve minimum facilities before they fly high in the sky which is not too far …..

There is no occasion for WOMEN to consider themselves subordinate or inferior to men - Mahatma Gandhi

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