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Commitment – It’s a fundamental quality that manifests itself almost anywhere, everywhere but yet it’s not felt and goes un-credited. It is one aspect that goes totally ignored or unappreciated when present but drives the chaos when it’s missing. Every relation, bond, etc. in a way is some sort of a commitment or put in another way commitment is the foundation on which any relationship could be built or could thrive. While the commitment to any being is important, commitment to profession and family largely influences the success of a person in life.


The world has become so busy that in this era, the commitment towards the profession is perceived as more important than the commitment to family.


Many a time it appears that a person is more passionate and committed to the profession than their family. If you go deep and try to understand the circumstances that drive such a passion and commitment in such an individual, it may be more a family or socio-economic situation. The person may appear to work so hard and be committed to the profession but in reality, the person is merely trying to build the personal life that she dreamt of or merely trying to make the ends meet and more often ends up as the one left longing for appreciation and acknowledgment.

It is by nature to expect women to be more committed to family and men are more committed to the profession. Men believe that wealth is the authority of strength and position in the society and in its pursuit loose part of their commitment to the family. The most affected person in such a case is the spouse, who has to go out of her bounds to cover for the lost commitment in order to keep the family afloat. Very sadly the additional effort that was taken by the spouse goes unnoticed and unappreciated which many times leaves the spouse wondering if she is all alone in this duty of upbringing the family.

Whether you are so committed and passionate about your profession or just pursue the job passionately just so you could honor a larger commitment like a family, etc. a little bit of understanding, acknowledgment and appreciation are absolutely needed at times to continue with the balance. It is this recognition and encouragement by the partner or spouse that completes the job satisfaction and just an eternal commitment to the profession is not sufficient to yield total job satisfaction.

To sum it up, if you are the beneficiary of someone else’s commitment then express your thankfulness to that person.

If you are just reading this and identify someone who fits this narrative, just don’t let them go unacknowledged, express your gratitude.


This could be your wife, your mom, your sister, or even your teacher who is hiding many sacrifices and struggles behind the commitment to make the best.

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