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Gratitude is an expression that portrays the exceptional quality of an individual for being thankful. Close your eyes and just recollect the names of persons whom you would like to pay gratitude, say a thank you, or write a simple note of thanks…… Your expression may be for a simple reason or a mighty deed which you received from a person or achieved with the help of a person, the feeling is emotional.

Many times we remember and recollect our close relatives and friends who have played a vital role in our lives. Their presence and help during special occasions or during crucial moments would have made a lot of change in our life. Sending a thank-you note or a voice message to one of your relatives, friend, or any other person whom you would have met a long time back as a sign of gratitude is going to bring a smile to their face and that reward is immeasurable…..

If you only say one prayer in s day, make it 'Thank You'.............Rumi

I would like to share an incident about one lady who used to give an Éclairs chocolate to individuals whoever she meets in a function or a meeting, or people who visit her at her home. Everyone used to call her chocolate Aunty. Not sure about why she was doing that….we asked her the reason behind her action….her explanation was simple.” We meet and interact with many people. We may be in a good mood or a bad mood and it could be the same with the persons we meet. But we wish all the persons whom we meet should remember us in their good books and have a pleasant memory about us in all possible situations. Though my mood deceives me my small act of sharing that one rupee chocolate is going to patch it up and that impact is going to balance the opponent’s mood swing as well”. Though her action seems to be of small gesture of showing affection, it inspired many and I got inspired a lot personally.

A small gesture of love, a gesture to show gratitude is going to pave way for miracles. What inspired me from the above incident is to acknowledge one’s action irrespective of whether it's big or small. So applying that practically, we can start sending thank you notes for persons whom you would like to acknowledge and share your gratitude. Just to say thank you for being there at the right moment. Thank them for their actions which made a lot of difference. This action is going to give satisfaction for us, as well as the person whom we are recognizing.

Say Thanks with a Smile and experience the results: Don’t restrict yourself with the list…… your list may extend beyond, and wonders always happen beyond boundaries…….

  • Send a thank-you note to your School teacher on Teachers Day

  • Leave a sticky note on the fridge to your wife or mom for the wonderful dish

  • Say thanks to your mom or dad who makes your life simple by organizing many things for you without your instructions

  • Share a dish in a small container with your maid’s kid appreciating the good work they have done at school

  • Thank the person who helped you to get your vehicle out of a public parking space

  • Share thanks with a bright smile with the person who cleans the table in a restaurant

  • Wish and acknowledge the security guard standing/sitting in an ATM entrance or in your housing entrance

  • As a token of appreciation, we can say few words about the service a garbage collector does on a day to day basis

  • Thank and appreciate your son/daughter for rendering helping hands in your day to day activities

And the list is endless............

"Giving Thanks for Abundance is greater than the abundance itself" - Rumi

It seems to be a small action, but it brings tremendous change in your and the opponents' life. Take some time out of your busy schedule and thank individuals who paved the way, or created a remarkable change in your life. The more you give the more you receive it back.

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