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  • We have come across so many individuals who keep talking without a break…….

  • There are individuals who are capable of talking about various topics without any preparation

  • There are Individuals who could talk endlessly without any inference

In contradiction to the above, there is are individuals who remain ‘Silent’ yet have a greater impact and attract the entire crowd. Silence is a powerful weapon. Instead, I would like to reframe the sentence ‘Silence’ as a beautiful means of expression. You have to practice and experience it to endure the outcome.

There are beautiful instances that could be shared and relished with relevance to calmness and stillness.

Have you ever walked in a busy crowded street hearing your favorite music on your earphone……?

Many of you have stood on the terrace of your residence gazing at the sunset with the birds flying back to their nests……?

The above examples seem to be more whimsical, and I could read a few people's minds which says why couldn’t you be more realistic? For many, the above instance seems to be more of an idealized situation.

Let’s see the following instance:

Imagine a small discussion in a conference room or a board meeting where an important discussion is going on. Though we have many active interactive members there will be one person who remains silent throughout the session. But when the same person breaks his silence and presents his viewpoint many times that becomes the show-stealer statement or an interesting solution for the discussed problem.

Be it an exaggerated moment or be it a formal, professional discussion of your career among so many other odds and factors ‘ Silence’ and ‘Silent’ individuals have a noticeable quality in many instances. We can interpret the above different formal and informal situations in many dimensions. I would like to interpret it in the following shade:

The expression and its impact are stronger when it comes after a lengthy ‘Silent’ moment. It’s a simple mantra that teaches the following, that when you remain silent

  • Your concentration increases and you could focus on more activities

  • You can be more creative and more productive

  • You talk less and listen more which gives you an option to observe more

Silence motivates and changes the perspective and approach towards various activities. It gives you more time and a number of opportunities to OBSERVE a situation in varied dimensions which will help us to handle the situation in a much better manner.

If you want your ideas to be noticed, expressed firmly, and to create a positive impact remain SILENT, choose the right choice of MINIMUM words and express the same rigidly and confidently.

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