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The deepest layer in an ocean…….

The highest point in the tallest mountain…….

Walking amidst a thick forest…….

A road trip on a no-moon night……

Mother’s womb……

Unexplored caves…..

All the above……

One thing in common…. Simple, Transparent, Unadulterated form of Calmness…..

Silence can make you or it can break you.

Making or breaking choices depends on how we handle silence, how we respond to our own Silent mind, and the thoughts generated by it.

Not sure about how many will raise their hands with me, agreeing that waking up early in the morning with a calm and peaceful mind will make your day. For those who don’t agree or skeptical about the early morning feel, the question is….many of us are confronted with many problems. But when we look deep into the problem with patience the solution will be simple. The significance of silence and patience is incredible and we need to experience it. If you agree with the above problem-solving technique I bet you will definitely agree with the morning wake-up instance which is a real good feel. Do try it.

Silence implies an intense meaning beyond words. Imagine if we are given a task to write about a person who is influential in our life. We will start writing about any one of our loved one based on the affection, love, attachment, and trust we have towards that individual. The description may be lengthy or short depending on the process that’s happening inside our minds.


What if we were asked to write about the same person with a fewer number of words? Imagine we have a firm restriction in expressing our feeling in limited choice of words. In this it’s a great challenge and we will become very conscious about our choice of words and the way we express the same. That’s the power of silence.

It makes us more conscious, makes us think before we act, will orient us to observe more, will prompt us to listen and respect others' opinions and ideas, will give an answer for many of our questions, reveal many secrets about self, and the list goes on…..

Beyond linking the feel to Spirituality, Peace, Intellectual thought, and so on….. let's make it simple….we all like to learn multiple languages, French, German, Chinese, Japanese….etc…..

let's learn one more language which is the art of CONVERSATION..........


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