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Words have immense power.

Expression, tone, words matter immensely in building and maintaining a relationship. Small misunderstanding between relationships is because of petty issues which could be solved over a simple conversation. As mentioned earlier right choice of words and applying the same consciously will win big deals and many times good hearts as well. When you have so many other options available with us why do we talk about Conscious use of words?

According to me, it’s just because words are free in this democratic country and it’s dependent on the individual like how to use it wisely.

Choice of words plays an important role in a group discussion when we deliver a lecture when we express our ideas when we talk to our family and friends but it becomes even more important when the conversation is with elders. Though we grow up with them right from childhood the biggest mistake we make is that we don’t talk with our parents, grandparents, or any other elderly people with a bit of compassion. The mechanical world has deprived that quality in each of us. The elderly don’t expect a formal, perfect choice of words from us; rather they expect few affectionate words. After traveling so long overcoming different situations in life elderly are both physically and psychologically weak. The response towards fellow persons and their surroundings changes as they get old. Their communication weakens. In this situation, our communication with them should create a bond instead of weakening the relationship.

The wonderful gift of being a human is that we are blessed with the ability to smile and talk. What if we smile so that it’s contagious and speak when our words are powerful than our action. That’s a simple solution for many complicated questions. Similarly, how can one be CONSCIOUS while handling elderly people? The answer is quite simple…put you in their shoes and think about the situation from their perspective. Instead of ignoring and hurting them consciously or unconsciously let’s try to accommodate them as a part of our life rather than asking them to get accommodated according to our convenience. Maintaining a relationship is a much tougher task than building or breaking one.

Born with the most powerful weapon in all of nature

‘The Conscious Mind’

let’s use it aptly and wisely.

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Great going Prasanna!

Team Viyam
Team Viyam
Jun 16, 2021
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Thanks for the appreciation

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