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When educating the MINDS of our YOUTH, We must not forget to educate their HEARTS..... Dalai Lama

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Dedicated to all those beautiful memories enduring around various


Any Change or revolution starts from an individual. Hence change should start from within. Holistic learning doesn’t happen within four walls.

Hence we should be thankful for those

  • Shady trees beneath which we explored more during our childhood.

  • Lengthy school corridors where we learned by hiding and seeking

  • School cultural rehearsals during which we realized we could learn a lot apart from our textbooks.

  • Fun trips where we learned sharing and caring

  • Camps and scout activities that insisted on spreading happiness is equal to reading a book.

  • Travel experiences where we studied people and places.


To the never-ending process of exploration, learning, unlearning, and Re-learning.

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