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‘Behind every successful man, there is a Woman’

- Isn’t this a well-known and a renowned statement we have come across…….Later with liberty and other remarkable social changes came a counter and a much-agreed statement

‘Behind every successful woman, there is a Man’

When we talk, discuss, report, and record women's liberation, their development, and opportunities, we need to debate and portray SUCCESSFUL women who reached great heights after lots of struggles.

Struggle……with this word a question arises…..

Do we have a set of or a class of women who encounter difficulties? …..


Is it common for all classes of women who face tough situations?

As we frequently come across….irrespective of caste, creed color, the obstacles remain the same.

A woman who runs the family by earning daily wages has her share of struggles from deciding the menu based on their family income, getting decent education for kids, and other basic needs. It’s the woman who cares about all the needs and plans to manage to fulfill the needs. If a supportive MAN the head of the family, a father or a brother who brings home his hard-earned money to home ONTIME, becomes the strength of the woman and stands as the pillar of support the woman gets a lifeline.

The case of a middle-class woman is something different. Is she free from similar financial grapples???? Yes, but she has a different ball game. Like commuting to work in public transport, getting a loan for higher education for the kids, fulfilling their needs as well, just that the needs will be a little specific. In this case, an understanding partner, a friend, a good companion who provides her a constant backing both physically and psychologically, becomes her strength. He is the one who encourages her, reassures the safety and supports her against the social pressure they go through, and makes her feel complacent when they are not sure which side to lean on to. Family pressure, extended family pressure, job commitments, etc.

There is another set of women who have everything they need ‘so called’ high-class women

Who has all the money they want, a high position at work, a good family, etc? But the question here….Is their life simple as we imagine? Their world is altogether different from the two categories deliberated above. They have to tackle between their name and fame. They may not be available to spend time with family, as their social involvement and job requires more of their time and that takes precedence. More than the husband of the low, middle-income women, life partner of high-class women has an entirely different and complicated role and responsibilities to play. He is traveling between the delicate relationship and the society …..a small slip between will cost them more.

It’s not about how many tough situations you face ….it’s about how many you overcome

The bottom line, women in whatever class, have their fair share of circumstances to face and that is inevitable.

But she strives hard to keep the family happy, well-understood, cozy, and beautiful. And behind that every woman there is a bold, supportive, kind, trustworthy,


who makes the magic happen in every women’s life.

We bow and acknowledge all men who stand by their women when they are successful, but stand and hold them even closer when they are going through a bad phase in their life.

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