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The Cinema industry is a phenomenal and powerful field that always has a severe impact at a macro and micro level in society. There are many crazy followers/fans who talk about interesting movies, actors, actresses, songs, music, and camera as per their choice.

Among so many filmmakers very few directors had the grit to make exceptional women-centric movies.

The character portrayed in many movies by great directors is so dynamic that their impact stays with us for a longer duration. Talking about women-centric movies we cannot begin or end our conversation without talking about the veteran director K. Balachander. The impacts of his movies are still fresh and remain a strong inspiration for many debutant young directors. He holds a special place in Indian Cinema for his disparate perspective about women and the interesting role they play in a family and in society.

During the ’70s when it was all Hero based movies, he boldly established his unique style of portraying women. Naming few we have the role of

'Kavitha' played by Sujatha in ‘Aval Oru Thodarkadhai’ movie.

One more interesting and arguable character is

‘Nandhini’ played by Suhasini in ‘Manathil Urudhi Vendum’.

Both the movies portrayed the struggles many women come across in the day to day life. He was a genius who could visualize such progressive characters.

‘Sindhu Bhairavi’ is a family drama that showcased the wit and grit of a woman in a pleasant and at the same time a bold manner.

Following KB we have Maniratnam who characterizes women in a poetic yet influential manner. The best example is ‘Divya’ in Mounaragam and ‘Indra’ in Kannathil muthamittal. Other noticeable characters characterized by him are ‘Taara’ in Oh Kadhak Kanmani, ‘Meghna’ – in Uyire, Roja, and the list goes on. They are so powerful yet they are so adorable, they are simple yet they are dominant.

Apart from them, we have many other directors who have pictured women in a commendable manner. Their visualization of women characters and the role they play in a FAMILY, COMMUNITY, SOCIETY, and COUNTRY is remarkable.

Be it Mozhi, Aval Appadithaan, 36 Vayadhinile, Samsaram Adhu Minsaram, Aram, Kattrin Mozhi…..the list is lengthy……….

We would like to end this article with the interesting question asked in the movie

’36 Vayadhinile’

Who decides the expiry date of a Woman’s dream???????????

Let’s find a convincing answer to the above question…….........

An answer for our own doubts and preconceived notions…….

An answer to the questions of many of our family members, neighbors, society, etc……

In the process of finding the answer one day, we will definitely realize the answer lies within the question………..

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