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Many research scholars have done a great job in many fields. They have come up with new inventions, doctorate degrees, innovative products, theories, etc. But the toughest challenge we could place before them is to raise their kids and watch them grow happily.

Yes, Parenting is not an easy job, and the time duration of parenting with the millennium kids is never-ending research or a process. Though the term research seems to be very clinical raising happy and contented kids is a huge challenge indeed. And I hope many would agree with the same. When we are demanding, raising kids is a challenging task how about raising kids with good values and common sense.

As a parent, it becomes our primary duty to teach them to be smart and act to their conscience and consciousness.

We have heard that the biggest gift a parent can offer their kids is the best education.

As Jiddu Krishnamurthi quotes “The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning”. So education and learning are different and we need to teach our kids the essence of learning rather than just earning a degree. Instead of criticizing our education systems its pros and cons. we need to understand that each one of us sees education as a tool to earn a good job. In this era of increasing needs for individuals, both parents are forced to get a job, so they can provide better education and a better life for their children. But when providing a conducive environment for their education it's our duty to provide them a platform and sources to understand simple and beautiful things in life as well. If we teach them to observe and respond to the situation they are all set to go and face society without any reservation in their mind.

“The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning”.

Thinking about the future and betterment of our kid's parents satisfies the materialistic needs of the kids. This leads to parents consciously neglecting the everyday needs of the children. There are better parents who manage their time well too. But the majority of them struggle between being guilty and not guilty. So if we understand the base or the root cause and pay attention to our kid's psychological and conscious wellbeing things will be different. .

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