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Time is irreversible

Time waits for none

Lost time is never found again

Time is money


With the above quotes and many more, after understanding the importance of the Precious TIME we still exhaust it consciously or unconsciously.

Exhausting time with all our senses in an alert situation is a sin. We need to work on this and understand why this happens. This is because we are reluctant to come out of our comfort zone and take up the challenge. With high determination, we can overcome the issue of exhausting time consciously. Talking about this what could be done for the time which we exhaust unconsciously. The answer is very simple. Efficient time management is the solution.

Knowing the above facts without the individuals’ effort none of the classes and workshop could teach us efficient time management. It's a sheer waste of MONEY and TIME again. These classes and lessons are frivolous because time management can’t be learned by attending classes but it is a skill that can be learned only by experiences and self-discipline.

We often relate success to TIME and it's true in most cases. Personalities who could manage time properly and use time wisely have become successful. We can put it the other way though success and failure lie in individuals perception, we could say those who could manage time properly wouldn’t have come across big failures.

Nelson Mandela, who we know as a South African freedom fighter and the first president of the Republic of South Africa, was a lawyer by profession. He completed his LLB in Robben Islands, one of the world’s cruelest correction facilities a.k.a prison in the world. He didn’t get sufficient time for preparation since he had to work in the lime quarry which made him very tired. But this did not stop his journey of getting an LLB degree and to our marvel, because of his efficient time management; He was able to write a great part of his autobiography, “long walk to freedom”. He could consolidate and pen down his experiences and stories from his childhood life in Qunnu, pursuing his BA in Fort Hare, working in Johannesburg, and till the Rivonia trials.

If Nelson Mandela, a man who was in the iron fists of the apartheid government could manage his time greatly and use it wisely, why can’t we who are in a sophisticated environment do it?

Let’s prioritize our work, figure out a method to complete it quickly and effectively. Let’s productively utilize our time, learn new skills, improvise our skillset and

be positive, and spread positivity.

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1 Comment

Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai
May 05, 2021

Good job

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