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‘Life is Simple it’s we who complicate it’

In this ‘simple’ yet ‘beautiful’ life we have many relationships, bonding with individuals, varied instances, different experiences, etc. Many give us immense pleasure, some unforgettable memories and some painful moments…..With all these twists and turns ONE relationship, ONE name that always brings a smile on almost all of our faces is


‘who is your best friend ?’

There is a varied range of hues and tints for FRIENDSHIP ……..

In this 21st century age is not a criterion for this ‘imperfect’ ‘perfect relationship’. Many times, we come across the words ‘travel partner’, ‘reading partner’, ‘walking friend’, ‘yoga friend’, and many more. Earlier it was childhood friends, teenage friends, college friends, colleagues, etc. In today’s context, intergenerational friendships are growing and we could witness that they are more supportive. Though ‘age’ plays a vital role for other instances it has a very little role to play while creating a bond between friends.

'how many friends do you have?'

Irrespective of age it brings a ‘wow’ and reassuring feeling to individuals. Mutual trust and bonding have always grown fonder in this relationship. This bond has the strength to withstand any pressure and acts as a catalyst to overcome obstacles and hurdles. The binding formed out of trust and affections grows stronger irrespective of happy or sad moments. In fact the bond is even stronger at the time of frustrations. Surprisingly many intergenerational friends have mentioned the fact that they have more in common than they do with friends of their own age.

There are many IT professionals who consider their boss or team leader as their best friend though they have a noticeable difference in their age.

Many secondary school teachers, college professors hold a healthy friendship with their students and they are fondly named and remembered as ‘mentors’ by their students.

Cricket, football, or any other ‘coach’ have been an inspiration and best buddy for many aspiring sportspersons and fitness freaks……

"friends and friendship at the young age remain as a fond memory for their lifetime….."

Once we grow older we search for common interests and desires. A person to listen, acknowledge and respond to our views and ideas. Here the age doesn’t play an important role anymore. The bond, the relationship is built upon the trust and mutual feel where age becomes irrelevant. They can be travel partners, workplace buddies, or a dance partner…..

What are common among them is the vibe and the frequency to get along and explore together. The experience of the older guides the younger, whereas the thrill and attitude of the younger motivate and drives the older to go on.

Though we have many friends during different stages in our life the curiosity and affinity for friends and friendship remains fresh forever….

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