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FRIENDSHIP is a lovely bond between different individuals it becomes an exceptional relationship when it's between a man and a woman. To date among so many other relationships that exist in this society Male-Female friendship remains controversial and a debatable topic till date. Its impact is glaring and shows different dimensions to discuss and debate. Independent of the discussion many male-female relationships are woven around some demands and expectations. Be it a Husband & Wife, Mother & Son, Brother & Sister, individuals in an affair, everyone has some expectation in their bonding. The crux of friendship is that its built upon trust survives and grows without any anticipation.

When a female feels and searches for much more than make-up tips, all women gossips, and health and fitness tips, family responsibilities, serials, and daily soaps…….and at the same time a male seeks much more than being glued to the television, sipping a beer, discussing with friends why women are so difficult to understand…….there springs a search for a soul to mingle which they couldn’t aspire from their same-sex friends. And when this happens the association is stronger and that’s the magic of a MEN-WOMEN friendship.

According to the aforesaid opinion, while age difference is not an obstacle for friendship, gender should not be considered as a barrier for the same. This opposite-sex friendship has always had a positive impact in many places, between many individuals through the different time periods. Though there are exceptions, research shows that many women have a certain percentage of masculine qualities in them and many men have a certain percentage of feminine qualities in them. These qualities inspire the opposite sex friendship which grows stronger and fonder. When the above-said traits are looking for a companion to discuss debate and confide with, gender difference doesn’t hold their friendship behind. This could also be called an attraction between individuals, but often it is not physical attraction instead it’s the call from the inner self.

There is a thin line between this friendship and love. The slightest mistake can pull down the entire relationship which implies this friendship comes with a lot of responsibility. Only a few who have realized this move forward and carry on with this and promisingly many have succeeded in this journey. They feel and portray the pride of their friendship and own that relationship with a lot of dignity. In an orderly Male-Male and Female-Female friendship, being the same-sex many at times there is a possibility of a bit of jealousy or a kind of rivalry can nudge in. But the possibility for the same is comparatively less in male-female friendships. Impending from different gender they both perceive and experience situations in different perceptions. Once their perception varies their attitude and approach also varies. This rules out the chances for an argument and they both have better clarity to come to a conclusion reducing the risk of tarnished relationship.

A woman recognizes a special bond with her ‘BOY’friend which she couldn’t experience with her husband/father/brother or her boyfriend. The man's expectation for this parable is no exception. A wife, girlfriend, and mother or his sibling wouldn’t suffice. Because these relationships have a bond woven with safety, security, dominance, command, lots of demanding love, etc. In the above opposite-sex friendship, they both see each other as their own reflection, regardless of gender. The above-mentioned relationships are considered to be more protective and caring which turns out as an obstacle for expressing and pursuing their ideas further. Contradictory to this opposite-sex friendship is a mix of the above feeling but still, it helps the opponent to grow and in fact, they grow mutually with each other’s support without any expectation.

Boyfriend/girlfriend will have some kind of in secured feeling in their relationship……

Husband and wife have lots of if’s and but’s, maybe may not be ……..what if…..etc…

A sense of warmth and security will prevail in the parental relationship.

A combination of all the above will be in male and female friendship. Beyond that, there is an extraordinary power and an unshakeable trust which nurtures the relationship and makes it grow stronger against all odds.

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