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“Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam”. This famous phrase in Sanskrit states the order in which one should offer reverence. Out of numerous characters in our life, the mentioned four characters are given the most respect……………………... In this order, FRIENDS should also be included…….

Your experiences and their influences make you the person you are today. Throughout our lives, the people traveling with us change, like the phases of our lives change. During our childhood it’s only our parents whom we look up to and grow with; later on, during our school days and college days our teachers and professors have an influence on us; after which entering into our workspace, we meet our colleagues and bosses; finally, after marriage, we have our spouse and our children. Even though various people come across our lives one set of people who remain with us right from our childhood to our retirement, and even further, are our friends. Be it our neighbor, childhood friend, school friend, college friend, or our friend at work. Friends are an integral part of our lives and stay with us throughout our life.

Just as various people in our lives have their impact/influence on us, so do our friends. To be more precise they have a greater impact on us than anyone else. As we spend most of the time with our friends, after our family, their actions and words have a tremendous impact on us. So, it is very important to have the right friends’ rather trustworthy friends and maintain a healthy relationship with them. The reason behind, the bonding is due to the wavelength, the age we get bonded. Even though we get advice and lessons from various people in our lives, the impact of the same advice given to us by our friends influences our actions more than anyone else. This is because being of the same age group our friends tends to understand and comprehend our joy and sorrow, ups and downs, achievements and hurdles, success and failure with ease. As they too might have faced, the same difficulties and come across them they tend to listen to us and sympathize with us than anyone else. This bestows upon them a huge sense of responsibility, as their actions have a greater impact on each other, it’s necessary that we surround our self with positive and good friends.

.......our friends tend to understand and comprehend our joy and sorrow, ups and downs, achievements and hurdles, success and failure with ease.

The impact of our friends is vividly explained in many of our Indian movies. Be it 3 idiots wherein Rancho (Aamir khan) makes his friends realize the essence of learning, knowledge, and education; or Rang de Basanti wherein they realize the influence of each other and supporting each other to take up the responsibility for being the change you what to see. Films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara lay emphasis on the power of friendship and the impact it can bring about. These are just a few films wherein the significance of the strong relation, Friendship is displayed.

But remember just as your friends have their part to play in your lives, so do you have your part to play in theirs too. Think about it and act responsibly.

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