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Farmer's Festival I New Hope I New Beginning

What perfect timing to share thoughts about the new beginning, right around the farmers festival, PONGAL, MAKAR SANKRANTI........

Farmers wait for this time of the year when the harvest is approaching after the monsoon. The harvest helps the farmers plan their year ahead. Farmers plan weddings in their family, for their kids, around this time, where they can manage their expenses. Similarly, when they want to invest in anything this is the best time for the farmers.

They try to clear out the debts and start afresh year. Start the year ahead with loads of hope and expectations for the next yield. They make their family happy by fulfilling their small wishes.

I can sense what's oscillating in your mind when you read this. With farmer's bill, other hardship faced due to inclement weather conditions, and various other anguish situations farmers face how could we write about ‘new beginning'.

It's simple, Right now, I want to only share the joyful, merry moments, and not bring any negative incidents. After writing this I wish we could bring back our good old times, irrespective of facing various troublesome moments our farmers had the acknowledgment and dignity that they deserved. Let’s pray for, practice, and endorse our feeders and look forward to the real ‘new beginning’.

So let's thank and support FARMERS - the feeders of the world for a joyful and happy beginning and wish all their hopes to come true.

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