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New Attempts I Mistakes I New Beginning

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Having read about various quotes stating the idea ‘Every day is a New beginning’…….. When we look into the life of a human being every ‘new attempt’ they make is a

‘new beginning’.

When a child crosses different stages in its life as a parent unconsciously we start forcing our unfulfilled dreams on our child. We seek a kind of contentment through our child. After hearing many stories and incidents from our neighbors and other miserable media sources we thrust our opinions on our kids through which we crimp their growth.

For a beginning, for a new start as a parent, we should act as insulation to support and comfort them when they slip or fall instead we try to live their lives.

A one-year-old toddler with lots of curiosity arranges the color rings of different sizes. When they engage in this activity we should let them explore the shape, color, size, etc. instead of guiding them to stack it upright and provide them a solution. As a parent instead of forcing and guiding them in each and every step telling them what to play and how to play let's participate with the child and help them delve into the new avenues for creativity.

As a kid let it talk about their teacher, new friends they met at school, narrate stories, sing a song which they like. Let’s listen to them, enjoy with them, sing along with them, and make it a memorable and cheerful moment. Instead of comparing our kids with other kids listen to them acknowledge and appreciate without being judgemental.

As a school-going child, each and every activity they come across is a new adventure for them. Shoulder them and share the warmth. Hear the incident about how they lost their first teeth, about their experience while playing with a butterfly in their school playground, experience about seeing the first rainbow, and so on. Give them company while they ride their bicycle, while they read a picture book or while they color a drawing.

Grown-up children have a lot of weird questions in their minds. Develop a lot of patience to resolve their doubts and try to unlearn with them. This learning phase is interesting for children and many times we discover the lost child within us. Another interesting activity is to encourage and take part in discussions with their friends. Talking over the phone, writing interesting messages and letters, it’s a much delightful phase, since many make their friends for their lifetime.

Teenage is an interesting and crucial stage. Many individuals ‘new beginning’ or the biggest change happens during this phase. Interesting and constructive changes happen and at the same time, it’s also a destructive phase for many children. With reliable friends around and supportive family, children can progress to the next phase of their life. They also need firm support to handle their career pressure as well.

With ‘New beginning’ as an opening statement, different stages of children were reviewed here. Drawing connections between the selected topic and the discussion about children states the role of each parent during their child’s entire journey of childhood. Motivating them in every new attempt they make brings the child closer to their dreams. They have all the privilege to dream big and follow their dreams. It’s our duty to support them and not to prescribe to them.

In the process, as Khalil Gibran quoted they have come to this world through us but not from us. We should try and understand every child has an individual ability and they develop and progress at an individual pace.

‘A New Beginning’ starts with a 'new attempt’. We have to support our kids and make them understand that it doesn’t matter what they have done it’s just what they choose to do from there.

Let’s encourage all their dynamic and constructive attempts which leads to a ‘new beginning’…….

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