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Need not be Mozarts.... or Ramanujams…….But…

Like the Chinese saying goes “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, many of the biggest empires of today have had the humblest of the beginnings. Talent is overrated many a time misunderstood in a way the real efforts go unnoticed. If you are a prodigy, then by this time you would have figured your abilities and paved a path to success. Statistically, fewer than 6% are identified as born with real talents. They are the Mozart’s and Ramanujam’s. They constitute a very small percentage, but the majority are the average Joe’s. Most of the successful people who you see around in everyday life fall in the latter category and are the ones with moderate abilities and have managed to take a start and honed their skills along the way before achieving success.

The key is to take a START, that’s right, that’s the first step, right or wrong, making the first move is the first step to success.

Success always steals the limelight leaving the tribulations in the dark and no one ever made it to success overnight. If you are at the point in time where you are looking to make a presence but not sure what to do, where to start which path to choose, or how to go about it, you are not the first, many successful people have walked this path. A few had dreams of making it big in their careers, a few aspired for careers that had no relevance to what they were doing.

Just a take a look at the successful people around you, many of them are pioneers in their fields, some started wanting to achieve one thing but ended up successfully in something completely different but all that success succeeded only after hardships and trials. So what is a Secret? The key is to take a START, that’s right, that’s the first step, right or wrong, making the first move is the first step to success. Procrastinated, the thought only grows weaker and weaker before becoming irrelevant.

The successful ones are those who managed to make a start, were steadfast and adaptive. If you are in such a frame of life a little circumspect, just follow your little dreams, try different things, pursue your small wishes passionately and fail early, you never know where you would end up. It’s not possible to experience the water without dipping a toe, and you need many a venture and a good judgment before deciding what you really want and a good judgment comes only from experience, so don’t hesitate, it’s worth trying.

The world is full of people who have great ideas and thoughts, only the ones who manage to give the thought a life makes it to the big stage, so dream big, anticipate failures, embrace change but first of all “Take a Start”

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