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Influence of 'Guru'......

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Recollect the names of three persons, who have played an important role in your life. Leave your parents and your siblings.

Learn with Passion

Have you ever thought about why you remember few persons very fondly? Apart from your parents, siblings and other relatives few persons have an influence in you. WHY? What's the quality of theirs made them so special .....?

An ideal TEACHER possesses certain important qualities that make them unique and notable. Even today many of my teacher’s rights from my school till my college continue to inspire me to date.

Each of these teachers has had a significant role in shaping me as an individual. My 2nd Grade teacher’s particular technique to remember and write alphabets made learning a joyful process for me. Coming from a rural background I was hesitant to express my views and ideas in English. My English teacher in 8th Grade helped me to overcome this fear of mine by constantly encouraging me to express my ideas in English. My sports teacher in 10th Grade taught me all about discipline and its importance in one’s life.

In my Under Grad studies, I remember a handful of teachers who have inspired me and continued to do so. They have always made learning easier by motivating their students to understand their strengths and enhance the same. Learning shouldn’t happen merely for securing a grade. It should enhance a person’s qualities as an individual. Each and every teacher I have mentioned has helped me to learn at my own pace and interest.

Lets once again go to the question in the beginning.....Many of us definitely remember at least one of our TEACHER(s) .....

Being in teaching for quite some time I have always felt that learning is a continuous process. In order to make a student learn a concept, the teacher should be well equipped to make the learning process effortless and appealing. In the process of making a student learn, the conventional method of teaching was a tedious and challenging task because not all the students learn at the same pace.

Amidst the technological development, the intention should be to provide a learning environment where any student can observe, express, raise a question, discuss, and finally understand. Freedom for expressing their ideas in formal and informal ways will nurture their ideas and help them express better.

True Teachers are those who help us think for ourselves - Dr.Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan

Many of us would have come across the sentence "The Longest Distance is between your heart and the mind. " A good teacher becomes a mentor when he/she prepares the individuals to travel the greatest distance, which is the distance between ourselves. We do understand and agree that fundamental change is necessary and we need to prepare ourselves for the change and at times we need to be the change that we wish to see. Good luck!

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